Rachel Lapidow, Copy Editor

You have spent weeks, months, or even years to finish your work. It’s almost time to send it off to the publisher or post to your website. But is it ready to be seen? I know that it’s daunting to let the world see what you’ve created. But I'm here to tell you that all the time you’ve spent pouring your heart into your work makes you too close to it.

Don't let mechanical mistakes get in the way of your story. I can help your readers see your characters, your writing style, your creativity and not get distracted by grammar mistakes. You have enough to worry about, let me help you get your writing ready for the global stage.

I have hired Rachel to proofread, edit and provide constructive comments on a variety of written pieces, including: blog entries, short fiction and nonfiction stories and creative essays. Her edits are always extremely thorough, insightful and productive. Rachel’s feedback has been pivotal in advancing and refining my work and has helped me to progress as a writer. Her editing expertise has been essential to improving my work and she has helped to hone and enhance several of my short stories, which were recently published in literary journals. Rachel always returns my work with precise grammatical edits and comments in an efficient and timely manner. She is extremely reliable and a great communicator who keeps me well apprised of timelines and progress that’s being made with my work. I would highly recommend her services as an editor for a diverse range of writing styles and work.
— Author Jacqueline Larkin, Undertones