Rachel Lapidow, Copy Editor



I love working on science fiction, fantasy, romance, and RPG guides. I’ve worked on four guides for Nine Dragons RPG and edited the core rule book and an adventure guide for Biohazard Games. Festive Ninja games hired me to copy edit a quick start guide. I've edited dozens of romance, science fiction, and fantasy novels. I also proofread and copy edit a local newspaper. I have a bachelor’s degree in professional writing, the Poynter ACES (American Copy Editing Society) Certificate in Editing, and the Certificate in Specialized Copyediting from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD writes copy edit as one word).

I am very comfortable editing with either the Chicago Manual of Style or the Associated Press Stylebook. I use Microsoft Word's track changes feature to show you exactly what changes I propose. I am also very familiar with Excel and PowerPoint.

I am a detail-orientated copy editor, developmental editor, and proofreader. I will not only identify and correct mistakes, but I will also ensure that the story you’re telling is cohesive and engaging. I do this by asking you questions and making suggestions that you may wish to incorporate in your work. 

Once I have finished polishing your work, all you’ll have to do is send it to the publisher, click the send button, or upload it. You will feel confident that your piece is ready to be seen and appreciated. Reviews and comments will be about what you wrote, and not about a missing semicolon. Your readers will trust you and want to read more from you.    

Here is a list of the services I offer:

  • Copy editing

  • Developmental editing

  • Line editing

  • Proofreading

  • Book critiquing

  • Beta reading

  • And more 


 Copy Editor & Proofreader                                                             Feb. 2017 – Present

Provide copy editing, line editing, proofreading, and beta reading services for a wide range of fiction and nonfiction documents on freelance platform Upwork, maintaining 100% client satisfaction and top site rating.https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/users/_~0149b75b58d8882af6/  

Work directly with clients to define projects, assess needs, and set project timelines. Maintain communication and provide updates as projects progress, ensuring client satisfaction through professionalism and promptness. 

Balance priorities and leverage strong time management skills to handle up to four projects at a time, ensuring that multiple simultaneous clients receive deliverables on time. 

Copy edit documents with eye for consistency and readability. Review and make recommendations that improve accuracy and target audience appeal for nonfiction and enhance reader interest and buy-in for fiction. 

Proofread documents with eye for standard grammar and freedom from mechanical errors. 

Beta read documents with eye for holistic effect (overall character development, dialogue, and setting, among others) and offering recommendations that explain insights and offer multiple ways of addressing them.

Past projects have included:

  • For private client (2018), beta read high fantasy fiction (114k words).

  • For private client (2018), beta read science fiction novel (110K words).

  • For client Festive Ninja (2018), copy edited Return to the Stars(18Kwords). 

  • For client Biohazard Games (2017–2018), copy edited The Grand Amplifier (82K words) and page-proofed Upwind core rule book (80K words). 

  • For private client (2017–2018), copy edited self-published medieval fantasy novel (76K words).

  • For client Jacqueline Larkin (2017–2018), edited 8 blog posts, 2 short stories, and 3 nonfiction pieces. Three of these pieces have been published in Maple Tree Literary Supplement and Dote Magazine.

  • For Dr. Rosalind Jackson, a well-known OG-GYN , (2017), edited health book targeted toward older women (33K words).

  • For client Weaver Sinclair Limited (2017), provided line edits for 5 contemporary romance novels (50K words each).

  • For client Creative Publishing House (2017), provided line edits for 5 Regency romance novels (63K words apiece) and 2 erotic romance novels (25K words and 61K words). 

  • For client Nine Dragons RPG (2016 –2017), copy edited 3 books in Honour series (49K words total). 

  • For client Integrative Ink (2017), proofread biography of Henian Edward Newsome, an African-American soldier in WWII (48K words). 

  • For client Shannon L. Brown (2017), proofread contemporary romance Crazy About Alaska (65K words). 

  • For private client (2017), beta read 3 novels: middle grade novel with fantasy elements (48K words), young adult novel about sibling abuse (54K words), and a present-day thriller (74K words).

  • For private client (2017), edited and beta read modern speculative novel (110K words).

  • For client Doublespace Publishing (2017), proofread fantasy novel (103K words)

  • For client Adeel Asghar (2017), copy edited e-book Human Foods that Are Harmful to Pets (3K words).


Proofreader & Copy Editor                                                            Apr. 2016 – Present

The Hinesburg Record » Hinesburg, VT

Copy edit 40–50 articles per month for local newspaper, including press releases, news stories, and more. 

Proofread articles in PDF form, ensuring maximum accuracy and efficiency prior to publication. 

Prepare paper’s style guide, ensuring uniformity across sections and issues, as well as reference lists for local businesses, organizations, and events. 


 Certificate in copyediting, 2017
University of California – San Diego, San Diego, CA

Poynter ACES Certificate in editing, 2015
Poynter News University, St. Petersburg, FL

 Bachelor of Arts in professional writing, 2007
Champlain College, Burlington, VT