Rachel Lapidow, Copy Editor



Copy Editing

There are different types of copy editing including content editing or line editing and developmental editing. Line editing is the predominant service I provide. This involves reviewing a manuscript line by line (appropriately named, huh?) and ensuring that there are no misspellings, mechanical errors, plot holes, etc.



Proofreading should be the final step before the book goes to the presses. A misplaced comma or missing apostrophe generally is more embarrassing than anything else, but for some publications, it could cost a lot of money to reprint materials. Oakhurst Dairy learned this the hard way when they neglected to use a serial comma (also called an Oxford comma or a Harvard comma). A missing comma in this case resulted in a loss of $5 million.


Critiquing and Beta Reading

A sampling of issues I will note while beta reading your book:
• Plot holes
• Confusing or underdeveloped character motivations
• Pacing issues